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Trainee Song Seung Hyun To Replace F.T Island’s Oh Won Bin


Trainee Song Seung Hyun is going to replace F.T Island’s guitarist Oh Won Bin after Won Bin decided to leave the group due to “musical differences”. Seung Hyun will join F.T Island as guitarist and sub-vocal.

F.T Island will have its comeback with a new mini-album in mid-February.

Credit: K Bites


Hmm.. don’t really know much about this guy since he’s a trainee. We’ll see if he was a good choice for a replacement when F.T Island has its comeback. F&C really replaced Won Bin quickly. I guess they had to to acommodate the group’s schedule. A lot of Primadonnas are probably upset by this incident but hopefully they will still support F.T Island in the future. I know I will.


Korean Music Festival 2009 Update


Son Ho Young will be the MC for the 2009 Korean Music Festival.

The first list of artists participating in the event has also been released. Here they are:


Lee Juk

Lena Park

Kim Changwan

Credits:  spazzes@wordpress // AF // // asianbirthdays@LJ

So far, none of my picks are going yet, but I’m hoping more known people will be announced in the upcoming lists.

F.T Island’s Oh Won Bin Leaves Group


.. and apparently, it no longer includes F.T Island.

F.T Island guitarist Oh Won Bin has officially left the group today.

A representative from F&C Music announced this morning, “Guitarist Oh Won Bin will leave the group (F.T. Island). Oh Won Bin made the decision after thinking over it for a long time and we decided to accept it.”

Apparently he had “different musical views” from his fellow (ex)bandmates.

Even with his sad departure, F.T Island will continue to work on the February release of a new mini-album. They are currently trying to find a replacement for Won Bin. Rumor around is that trainee Song Seung Hyun will enter as the new member but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Credits: AF // K Bites //

Why?! Why oh why?! Just when I thought Korean bands weren’t like American ones in which band members leave because of disagreements, I find out that I’m wrong. I mean, I understand that nothing is perfect, but couldn’t they find a compromise? This is a sad day for F.T Island fans. I hope the group will still be strong and succeed in their future albums. As for Won Bin, I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do next with his career.

Korean Music Festival 2009 Update


Tickets for the Korean Music Festival 2009 will go on sale on:

Saturday, January 31st at 10AM PST

Official list of attendees will be announced early February.

The event will occur on May 9th.

It is definite, however, that Park Hyo Shin will not be there. =(

Credits: 맨디♥@EndlessXMoment // Korean Music Festival

Korean Music Festival 2009


Credit: spiderliliez@LJ

The 7th annual Korean Music Festival is getting closer every day. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a fantastic annual event held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. A variety of K-Pop stars travel overseas and combine to make a great concert for us U.S. fans. The concert is usually held in May, and fanclubs are usually found clumped together promoting their idols. Stars who have gone in the past include Rain, DBSK, Super Junior-T, SNSD, Big Bang, Epik High, Fly to the Sky, etc. The rumor around is that this year’s Festival is going to be held on May 9th. If  that indeed is true, then that means DBSK will not be there to participate in the event since they will be holding a concert of their own in Japan. There is no official list yet of who is actually going, but here are my votes:

Super Junior (or at least a subgroup)

Park Hyo Shin

Big Bang


F.T Island



Epik High

Jang Ri In



CSJH The Grace

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What do you think? =D

For more info on Korean Music Festival, visit the official website at:

I’m personally going with the forum I’m involved in (EndlessXMoment) and we’re going to be at the Festival supporting and promoting Super Junior. If you see a crazy SuJu fan with an EndlessXMoment shirt on, that would probably be me. =D

Happy Lunar New Year!!



Super Junior (Representative Shindong)

Nichkhun from 2PM


F.T Island



Min Ho (Joon Pyo from Kkotboda Namja)

Credits: 슬기★ @ DCGD // elusive // KBites // Popseoul

I hope everyone has a prosperous 2009. Everyone stay healthy and let’s succeed in whatever goals we make for ourselves in this new year. I also hope everyone gets some red envelopes to sustain our K-Pop merchandise addictions.

Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong!!


Happy birthday to one of my favorites from DBSK, Kim Jaejoong!!

In my opinion, he has the 2nd best voice in the group (the 1st being Junsu, who is my other favorite =D). He was actually the first one I noticed in DBSK because of his unique look. I think he had his blonde hair then and I was shocked that an Asian person could pull off blonde hair so well. In fact, I was star-struck. His blonde hair is still my favorite hairstyle ’til now. =D He is just gorgeous period. Of course his body is just… (salivates). Anyway, his personality is also great. He’s full of wit and sarcasm. Plus, I feel that he thinks outside the box, just like his close friend Hyun Joong. Don’t even get me started on his past because  that would take up 2 pages worth of space.

To celebrate his birthday, here are some videos of the beautiful Jaejoong:

081016 M! Super Concert Forgotten Season

Credit: ichigo2luv@YT

Love in the Ice + You’re My Melody Perf.

Credit: mickytoho@YT

Jaejoong Sings 4 Different Versions of Happy Birthday on Star King

Credit: secretmyst@YT

Of course there are many other post-worthy vids of Jae but you can just search them through Youtube.

Happy birthday to  you Jae and I hope your success continues. Stay healthy and have fun on  your special day!

Park Hyo Shin – Things I Can’t Do For You


Credit: Popseoul

I was listening to Arirang Radio last night with DJ Young and there was a Park Hyo Shin special. The first song was this one, and as it was playing, one of my friends said he was reminiscent of Michael Bolton. After the song ended, I was amazed by his voice and I knew I had to hear it again. After hours of trying to find the song, I finally found a live performance on Youtube. I did not expect Hyo Shin to be that young. Granted  the performance was from 2003, but I expected him to be older because of the maturity in his voice. I was in absolute awe.

I know this entry is about 9 years late, but this song is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Not only is the melody smooth and soothing, but Hyo Shin’s voice is also astounding. I know he’s inactive, but COME BACK!! I need your voice!! XD

Here’s a live performance of the song from his 2003 Encore Concert. Pay special attention his emotions:

Credit: bakchoyjai@YT

Because I love Super Junior, here’s a passionate rendition of the song by Super Junior’s Yesung:

Credit: TheNightChicagoDied@YT



I’m not one for introductions, so:

Name: Cheryl

Nickname: Marcee

Age: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Location: some small town, USA

Race: Asian

Ethnicity: Filipino but Korean at heart

Likes: If you don’t know, then you’re an idiot.

Hobbies: procrastinating, Youtube-ing, shopping, reading fiction novels, singing, PS-ing, being sarcastic, etc.

Favorite Korean artists/groups: Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, F.T Island, Epik High, Jang Ri In, Rain, Alex, Park Hyo Shin, etc.

Why I made this: So I can spazz without restraint about Korean pop culture. I can’t exactly talk about Asian shows and artists with anyone in a small town. I would probably be looked at like “WTF? Is she speaking gibberish?” In other words, this WordPress is a haven. =D