Park Hyo Shin – Things I Can’t Do For You

Credit: Popseoul

I was listening to Arirang Radio last night with DJ Young and there was a Park Hyo Shin special. The first song was this one, and as it was playing, one of my friends said he was reminiscent of Michael Bolton. After the song ended, I was amazed by his voice and I knew I had to hear it again. After hours of trying to find the song, I finally found a live performance on Youtube. I did not expect Hyo Shin to be that young. Granted  the performance was from 2003, but I expected him to be older because of the maturity in his voice. I was in absolute awe.

I know this entry is about 9 years late, but this song is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Not only is the melody smooth and soothing, but Hyo Shin’s voice is also astounding. I know he’s inactive, but COME BACK!! I need your voice!! XD

Here’s a live performance of the song from his 2003 Encore Concert. Pay special attention his emotions:

Credit: bakchoyjai@YT

Because I love Super Junior, here’s a passionate rendition of the song by Super Junior’s Yesung:

Credit: TheNightChicagoDied@YT


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