Happy Birthday Kim Jaejoong!!

Happy birthday to one of my favorites from DBSK, Kim Jaejoong!!

In my opinion, he has the 2nd best voice in the group (the 1st being Junsu, who is my other favorite =D). He was actually the first one I noticed in DBSK because of his unique look. I think he had his blonde hair then and I was shocked that an Asian person could pull off blonde hair so well. In fact, I was star-struck. His blonde hair is still my favorite hairstyle ’til now. =D He is just gorgeous period. Of course his body is just… (salivates). Anyway, his personality is also great. He’s full of wit and sarcasm. Plus, I feel that he thinks outside the box, just like his close friend Hyun Joong. Don’t even get me started on his past because  that would take up 2 pages worth of space.

To celebrate his birthday, here are some videos of the beautiful Jaejoong:

081016 M! Super Concert Forgotten Season

Credit: ichigo2luv@YT

Love in the Ice + You’re My Melody Perf.

Credit: mickytoho@YT

Jaejoong Sings 4 Different Versions of Happy Birthday on Star King

Credit: secretmyst@YT

Of course there are many other post-worthy vids of Jae but you can just search them through Youtube.

Happy birthday to  you Jae and I hope your success continues. Stay healthy and have fun on  your special day!


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