F.T Island’s Oh Won Bin Leaves Group

.. and apparently, it no longer includes F.T Island.

F.T Island guitarist Oh Won Bin has officially left the group today.

A representative from F&C Music announced this morning, “Guitarist Oh Won Bin will leave the group (F.T. Island). Oh Won Bin made the decision after thinking over it for a long time and we decided to accept it.”

Apparently he had “different musical views” from his fellow (ex)bandmates.

Even with his sad departure, F.T Island will continue to work on the February release of a new mini-album. They are currently trying to find a replacement for Won Bin. Rumor around is that trainee Song Seung Hyun will enter as the new member but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Credits: AF // K Bites // coolsmurf.wordpress.com

Why?! Why oh why?! Just when I thought Korean bands weren’t like American ones in which band members leave because of disagreements, I find out that I’m wrong. I mean, I understand that nothing is perfect, but couldn’t they find a compromise? This is a sad day for F.T Island fans. I hope the group will still be strong and succeed in their future albums. As for Won Bin, I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do next with his career.


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