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SHINee will perform at KMF 2009


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SHINee has been officially announced as performers for the 2009 Korean Music Festival. I don’t really listen to them that much but I do like their song “Stand By Me” because of HYD. “Replay” is pretty good too.

Rumor has it that Rain will not be there because his movie premiere in LA will also be in May. Aish.

KMF tickets will be mailed out sometime in March, and also the new batch of performers will be announced in March, according to a Korea Times rep.

Source: KMF // Korea Times


Korean Music Festival 2009 Update


As of now, all Pool Circle, Ramp and Garden Box seats are sold out. Only 2 Terrace Boxes are available. There are possibilities of higher tickets still available on other websites such as Live Journal and Soompi. Everyone be careful of scams. So far, no new list of performers is available yet.

Source: KMF Website

Unfortunately our group did not get Garden Box seats but thank God we at least got Terrace Box seats. Hours were passed clicking constantly on “Select” buttons.

Now I have a problem with KMF because they charged my CC twice for the tickets. Now there’s a pending bill on my CC of $1035. -.-”

Korean Music Festival 2009 Update


Son Ho Young will be the MC for the 2009 Korean Music Festival.

The first list of artists participating in the event has also been released. Here they are:


Lee Juk

Lena Park

Kim Changwan

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So far, none of my picks are going yet, but I’m hoping more known people will be announced in the upcoming lists.

Korean Music Festival 2009 Update


Tickets for the Korean Music Festival 2009 will go on sale on:

Saturday, January 31st at 10AM PST

Official list of attendees will be announced early February.

The event will occur on May 9th.

It is definite, however, that Park Hyo Shin will not be there. =(

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Korean Music Festival 2009


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The 7th annual Korean Music Festival is getting closer every day. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a fantastic annual event held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. A variety of K-Pop stars travel overseas and combine to make a great concert for us U.S. fans. The concert is usually held in May, and fanclubs are usually found clumped together promoting their idols. Stars who have gone in the past include Rain, DBSK, Super Junior-T, SNSD, Big Bang, Epik High, Fly to the Sky, etc. The rumor around is that this year’s Festival is going to be held on May 9th. If  that indeed is true, then that means DBSK will not be there to participate in the event since they will be holding a concert of their own in Japan. There is no official list yet of who is actually going, but here are my votes:

Super Junior (or at least a subgroup)

Park Hyo Shin

Big Bang


F.T Island



Epik High

Jang Ri In



CSJH The Grace

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What do you think? =D

For more info on Korean Music Festival, visit the official website at:

I’m personally going with the forum I’m involved in (EndlessXMoment) and we’re going to be at the Festival supporting and promoting Super Junior. If you see a crazy SuJu fan with an EndlessXMoment shirt on, that would probably be me. =D