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SMTown English UFO Petition


Overall, our main goal for this petition is to get recognition for English-speaking fans worldwide. We do not have the intention of establishing an “American” UFO site, but rather a more internationally friendly site. The petition was made to unite fans worldwide for a cause that we think is worth it, and with so much support from others, we feel that the petition will succeed in one way or another. Even if a UFO site is not established, at least Korean music companies will become aware of the incredible amount of international fans they have.

This petition will end on May 6, 2009.

Please spread this petition around to other SMTown-related sites. Just take the picture I’ve provided and link it back to this site if putting on another blog, forum, etc. I will also post this on as many sites as I can but your help is always welcome and needed. Thank you.

In coordinance with this petition, we are also doing a survey on SMTown English-speaking fan locations.

Please take a second of your time to vote once on this poll to provide us with more statistical proof as to the number and locations of SMTown English-speaking fans.

Click here to vote!

I hope that all SMTown fans can unite for this worthy cause. Fighting!



1. Why only SMTown artists? The UFO site also includes artists and groups from other companies.
– We are doing this under SMTown because this petition will personally be delivered to the SM Entertainment Los Angeles office following the 2009 Korean Music Festival. As of now, SM Entertainment is one of the only two major Korean music companies that has a branch in the United States. With many major successes such as BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior, along with the increasing popularity of newer artists like SHINee and Girls’ Generation, we feel that SM Entertainment is the most opportunistic choice for our goal. We understand that SM Entertainment is not in charge of UFO in any way and that other artists share the same site, but we feel that if enough attention can be brought to one of the largest Korean music companies through a petition, a UFO site can be formed. What SM decides to do with this petition is entirely up to them. If the response to this petition is large enough to catch the attention of SM Entertainment, other music companies might also take interest and a collaboration would therefore occur. If need be, a separate petition will be made for JYP Entertainment, another music company that has a branch in the United States.

2. How would the artists be able to navigate through the site?
– We’re sure that before artists reply to messages, they will be taught how to navigate through the website by someone with the know-how. Plus, Korean artists are not completely clueless when it comes to the English language. Another option would be to create a choice of languages on the site, like in other UFO websites. Again, it will be up to the handlers of UFO to decide what they want to do once an actual site is up.

3. So why not just send messages through the existing UFO sites available?
– The new UFO website would specifically cater to English-speaking fans. This does not mean that the petition only applies to Americans. This proposal was created because we felt that there has not been much recognition and communication between Korean artists and fans abroad. English is the second-most commonly spoken language in the world, and with Korean music popularity increasing rapidly worldwide, we feel that it is only rational to create a UFO site that will enable such fans to have the same opportunities as fans in Korea, China and Japan. Trying to sign up on a foreign UFO site when you don’t know the language is extremely hard. Even with translated instructions on hand, confusion can still occur. English-speaking fans want their existence recognized by their favorite Korean artists, and we feel that this problem can be solved through the establishment of an English UFO site.

4. Shouldn’t the signature collection be on the same day as the concert so people will have more opportunities to sign the petition?
– Unfortunately, with the limited time we will have during our stay in California, Thursday is the only available day we will have in our schedule to collect signatures. Plus, most offices are closed on Sundays so the SM Entertainment office will probably be closed as well. Therefore, collection during the concert will be fruitless. Our petition is more focused on sign-ups via e-mail and comments since we are aware that not a lot of people will be able to cater to our schedule.

5. If my country is not listed as one of the choices on the poll, how can I respond?
– You can do so by choosing the “Other” option and then clicking on the “Post Comment” link. Specify your country in the message and click “Post Comment.”

6. What do I write under “Message for SMTown”?
– Write a quick message to SM Entertainment about your support for this petition and what its benefits would be.

7. Can I use the petition picture you’ve provided and post it elsewhere?
– Absolutely! We encourage others to use the petition picture we’ve provided to spread it on other sites. The Web is incredibly large, so the more help we can get, the better. Thanks to everyone in advance for helping to spread this petition! Just make sure that when posting the picture elsewhere, you provide a link to in your post. We want all sign-ups to be either on this blog or EndlessXMoment Forums.

If there are any other questions, they can be sent to Thanks!