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“Sorry, Sorry” Full MV and SJ Comeback Performance


Full MV:

Comeback Performance:


(Sorry, Sorry)

(Why I Like You)

Credits: mishhh1228@YT


Super Junior 3Jib Album Release!!


Super Junior’s 3rd album “Sorry, Sorry” has been released today.

Unfortunately, people who bought from YesAsia won’t have their albums shipped until March 16th. -.-” (I’m one of them)

Their first performance will be on Music Bank (March 13th at 6:35pm Korean time). They will perform both “Sorry, Sorry” and “Why I Like You”.

Posters are also available for pre-order (release on March 16th) on YesAsia:

Version A-1

Version A-2

Version A-3

Version A-4

Version B

Credits: SJMarket


After listening to the whole album, my current favorites are:

  • Sorry, Sorry
  • Why I Like You
  • Angela
  • What If
  • Heartquake
  • Happy Together

.. but of course, all the others are great as well.

Everyone please buy an album. Don’t just d/l songs. Let’s fill the world with pearl sapphire blue balloons once again!

Super Junior 3Jib Sneak Pics


Credits: MyDaily // mishh@EXM


Super Junior 3Jib To Release in Korea on March 12th


Super Junior is set to release their 3rd album after a hiatus of 1 year and 3 months on March 12th.

Pre-orders are available on YesAsia (US release on March 16th) and DVDHeaven (March 13th).


Version A

Version B


Version A

Version A + Poster

Version B

Version B + Poster

Version A + B + 2008 Photo Diary

Version A + B + Super Show Goods

Photo Creds: as tagged // AF